Monday, July 23, 2007

From the Inbox

Here's some interesting stuff I found in my inbox. Have a listen, or two.

The Poison Control Center have been hanging from chandeliers and doing somersaults around the country for the last six years. Releasing numerous EPs and Singles, garnering national press for their explosive live shows, been featured on NPR, played the CMJ festival twice, opened for their idols, headlined festivals, and even had Max Weinberg sit in on drums for a show. They are floored to be newest part of the Afternoon Records family.

The Poison Control Center's debut full length album "A Collage of Impressions" is being released on Septeber 24th. The 16-track album was put to analog tape on the banks of the Mississippi River with Patrick Stolley ( in the recording booth and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive).

from Fanatic
The Coathangers are newcomers to Atlanta’s vibrant punk, pop and experimental music scene, but the group has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the city’s most talked about acts. Since July of 2006 Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals), Candice Jones (keyboard/vocals) and Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) have hammered out a bat cave crunk-punk dirge that explodes with energy and creativity.
White Rabbits come to NYC via the arid plains of the Mid West. Although they have been in The City for just over a year, they have managed to catch the attention of Say Hey Records and producer Chris Zane (Shy Child, Asobi Seksu, Les Savy Fav) with their stellar songwriting ability and instrumental aplomb.

Lead by dual vocalists, Greg Roberts (Guitar / Vox) and Steve Patterson (Piano / Vox), the 6 piece is rounded out by Alex Even (Guitar / Vox), Adam Russell (Bass), Matt “The Duck” Clark (Drums) and Jamie Levinson (Drums). With a certain joie de vive, playfulness and charm White Rabbits thematically evoke the more decadent and bygone era of days spent on the green, old cinemas “Tourist Trap”, tragic mothers “Navy Wives”, and restrained, but no less awkward domestic disputes, with the first single, “The Plot.”
from Folding Leg Records
Recorded throughout 2005, this Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi exercise marked the solo debut of Adam Chandler and the first release for Folding Leg Records.

Ladyslipper is a three-piece Minneapolis band consisting of two childhood friends and a co-worker. All from different backgrounds in the Minneapolis music scene, the three together form a solid lineup of guitar, keyboards, and drums to create a charged and energizing sound that has been compared to the likes of bands such as Fugazi, Mission of Burma and Television.

The Time, Not The Weather is Ladyslipper's debut full-length, consisting of ten songs all written throughout the course of 2006, some while the band was a four-piece and the rest as three, at Electric Funeral Studio with Knol Tate, singer/guitarist of fellow Minneapolis band, Askeleton.
from Pirate!
So I went out to see a band called Pearlene the other night at my usual hangout in Brooklyn. I had been out more than I wanted to be all weekend and they happened to be playing on a Sunday night. Though I was tired and admittedly a little cranky, this band kicked my ass into shape. They were full on, belting out their vocals and nearly breaking their instruments. The crowd was loving it. It might as well have been a Friday night at a dive bar in the Smokies where everyone that knows each other gets together for a great night of blues and rock n roll music.

Pearlene is currently touring behind their third album, For Western Violence and Brief Sensuality, after having put out a couple records on Dim Mak and Sympathy For the Record Industry. Front man Reuben Glaser is an incredible guitar player and vocalist. He's also a completely laid-back dude, full of swagger and grit, but not the least bit of pretention. In fact, I think he knew everyone at the bar and he's from Ohio. Reuben's attitude and talent come through in Pearlene's music. The band has had plenty of experience on the road too, having toured with acts like Dead Meadow, The White Stripes, Detroit Cobras and Bellrays, as well as blues and punk survivors like T-Model Ford and Dead Moon.
from +1
Just wanted to let you know that Jamie T will be coming to the States for a US Tour in addition to his appearance in my ‘hood tonight. His debut Panic Prevention (which won him best solo act of the 2006 NME awards) is coming out here in the Fall on Caroline Records. This track is rad and was actually featured in an episode of Entourage recently (Ari Gold has like, insanely good, taste in music apparently).