Friday, July 27, 2007

The Go! Team, Proof of Youth

The Go! Team aren't dead yet. Quite the opposite, in fact. I sat down with their new album yesterday and I was blown away at the progress they have made since their debut album. I was a quick fan of their music when I first heard about them, but for whatever reason that appreciation began to fade even before the U.S. version of Thunder, Lightning, Strike was finally released.

Well, my appreciation wasn't actually fading per se, it was more of a situation where I had already fully digested the album and had moved on to other things. So while I was anxiously waiting to hear their newest creation, I was doing so with a bit of trepidation and a fear that the Team might have already played their best game. Boy, was I wrong. This album is a hit, front to back. It is their strongest work so far, in my opinion.

According to Wiki,
The album will be preceded by two singles: "Grip Like A Vice," (which we've already heard,) and "Doing It Right", which will be released the week before the album comes out on September 10th. On July 2nd, "The Wrath Of Marcie" was made available for streaming.

Proof of Youth will feature Bonde do Role's Marina Ribatski and Solex vocal contributions, along with the Double Dutch Divas. Also contributing vocals to the album are the Rapper's Delight Club and Public Enemy's Chuck D on "Flashlight Fight".


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nothin' like some cap'n crunch n' go team to start the morning!