Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is that a Duck Hunt sample?

Japanther. Two dudes from Brooklyn who like their noise-punk-rock fast and intense, and on their latest effort they make sure that you won't be forgetting their name any time soon. Skuffed Up My Huffy is the name of the new album, and it contains the blueprints for your next great party.

Energy-infused punk rock originates from the duo's shared vocals, Matt Reily's lo-fi-fuzzed bass lines, and Ian Vanek's chest thumping drum beat. Add in a bit of intelligent sampling, a Casio SK-1, a light dusting of hip-hop and a few servings of controlled chaos, and you've scratched the surface of Japanther. Since forming in 2001 the Brooklyn duo has cut 13 + records, gone on a handful of world tours, and performed dozens of unforgettable shows anywhere from people's bathrooms to art galleries and pretty much everywhere else in between.

How can you not get immediately sucked into a song like "Cable Babies" from Japanther's new album? Thirty-five seconds of pot luck sampling that ends with the hilarious addition of Duck Hunt, followed by the noisy melodic structure that the duo has been crafting for the better part of this decade.
Begging for that underground anthem to counter the cookie cutter crap that you get spoon-fed from the mainstream? Here is your song.

"I wanna be a part of something. Revolution, baby."
If there is a song on Skuffed Up My Huffy that says it all for Japanther, that song is "The Boss." A short anti-authority sample is followed sixty seconds of the most fist-pumping moments on the whole album, while the lyrics tell you exactly what you need to do at a Japanther show. Apparently the two people at front left in the live video below never got the memo.

Get your copy of Japanther's Skuffed Up My Huffy from EXO Records, Amazon, and CD Universe, and you can also pick up some earlier Japanther releases at eMusic. See them on tour at the dates listed below, and tell them how much you enjoy their work at MySpace.

Jul 22 2007 9:00P Subterrean Chicago, Illinois
Jul 23 2007 8:00P Publico Cincinnati, Ohio
Jul 24 2007 8:00P Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee
Jul 25 2007 8:00P Little Kings Athens, Georgia
Jul 26 2007 8:00P TBA St. Augustine, Florida
Jul 27 2007 8:00P BIKE PARADE Tallahassee, Florida
Jul 28 2007 8:00P Ark Wherehouse Gainesville, Florida
Jul 30 2007 8:00P Sluggo's Pensacola, Florida
Jul 31 2007 8:00P Defend New Orleans Party New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 3 2007 8:00P Zach's house Hunstville, Alabama

  • If you're into the sound of Japanther, you should also check out The Death Set and a punk duo from Los Angeles called No Age.
I enjoyed what I saw from No Age during their set at the Fader for SXSW, and FatCat Records was kind enough to send over an advance of their album Weirdo Rippers along with this short bio:
"Two young heavyweights from the LA Skate / Art / Punk underworld, No Age are comprised of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall. Formed from the ashes of the fondly remembered Wives, No Age purvey a stripped, essential, life-affirming skewed take on pop delivered via a clearly defined punk rock aesthetic, taking in noise, energy and melody in equal measure. Reminiscent at various junctures of the likes of early Black Dice, The Ramones, and/or My Bloody Valentine, Weirdo Rippers documents a fast developing band hitting their stride. Harnessing an explosive dynamic tension, No Age's music is prone to switch from syncopated punk-rock squalls to melodic, transient flashes of colour, or conversely, a pop song might spontaneously cut through the noise. On some basic, fundamental level, No Age simply don't behave quite how you expect them to they are their own band, full of their own conviction, and following their own trajectory.


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sort of. it's taken from the movie boyz in da hood

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actually death set sound like a bizarro version of japanther, even their t shirt/cover art resemble japanthers....wth? anyway whatever.