Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Loud, Wild, new Ratatat

The dudes from Ratatat just put out a couple of 12'' singles with a new b-side, a couple of remixes, and "outtakes" from one of my favorite tracks off of their Classics LP, "Loud Pipes." If you've got just a couple of dollars to spend and you head over to Turntable Lab, here's what you'll get:
  • Ratatat - Loud Pipes 12''
  1. Loud Pipes (Main version)
  2. Loud Pipes (Outtakes)
  3. Kennedy (E*Rock remix)
  4. Goose (B-side)
  • Ratatat - Wildcat 12''
  1. Wildcat (Main version)
  2. Wildcat (E*vax remix)
  3. Swisha (Main Version)
  4. Swisha (Guitar Instrumental)
  5. Swisha (Drum Instrumental)
There's also a "Lex" 12'' out there
  • Ratatat - Lex 12''
  1. Lex (Main Version)
  2. Lex (Mouse On Mars Remix)
  3. Truman (Main Version)
The "Kennedy" remix is semi-epic, very few people have ever heard "Goose" before, few also have an album version of the "Truman" b-side, and the "Loud Pipes" outtake is pretty much a whole new song. If you're a Ratatat fan, you need to get on this.
From the self-titled debut album (2004)