Friday, July 20, 2007

Whartscape is going down

WTF is Whartscape, you say? In 2006 the members of Wham City (Dan Deacon et al) wanted to be included in Baltimore's Artscape, your basic local arts/music family fair, and they had all these rules so Wham City decided to do their own festival and book all the great underground artists (hence the bad name - a blemish on society).

So they did, without any help from the city. Fast forward one year when Deacon and Spank Rock are now two of the hottest names in the biz and yet they're still playing small homegrown art galleries during Whartscape (this Friday through Sunday). All organized by Wham City, an indie art/music DIY group of kids in their mid twenties.
Dan Deacon said it best:

"Our main reason for having Whartscape during Artscape is that Baltimore is packed that weekend with a lot of people looking for stuff to do that a city-sponsored festival can't really be host to," Deacon told the City Paper . "Not that we are doing anything insane, but I don't think Artscape would be too into Blood Baby screaming 'stab my face' at families eating gyros and looking at painted plates. Plus, Artscape ends at sundown, while we can rage into the night."

Want to find out more? Butter Team is covering Whartscape like white on rice, with artist info, sights & sounds from the event, and more. Go check it out.


joshsisk said...

pictures i took last night at whartscape

Mr. Curiosity said...

Damn, that looks like a good time.

Thanks for the link.

Wham City said...

2 corrections, 1 major, 1 minor:

#1: Whartscape was organized and made possible not only by Wham City but also and largely by our wonderful friends Wildfire Wildfire ( and Foristree ( and Load of Fun ( without whom it totally 100% would not have happened!!

#2: it's not a blemish. it's just the word "wham" shoved onto the word "artscape." we have immaculate porcelain skin.

that is all.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Man, I really wish I had immaculate porcelain skin. I wish I could've been able to attend Whartscape as well.

Jeff Mewbourn said...

You may not have attended, but you can definitely relive it...check out my recorded audio from the Floristree shows: