Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alaskan Dance Party

Alaska In Winter's Dance Party In The Balkans is an album of Eastern European folktronic sounds, led by Brandon Bethancourt and featuring musicianship from members of Beirut and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. From the label site, "Alaska In Winter came about when art student, Brandon Bethancourt spent a semester recording music in an isolated cabin on the south coast of Alaska. Upon arrival back in New Mexico, he teamed up with Zach Condon of Beirut, Heather Trost of A Hack And A Hacksaw (a Neutral Milk Hotel side-project), and Rosina Roybal (who played viola in the Kanye West symphony) and thus finished the album." Though perhaps not essential listening, their combination of electronica and world music is certainly interesting. If you're a fan of the electronic folk of bands such as Beach House, and you dig the organic instrumentation of artists like Beirut, then this one is for you. "Despite an over indulgence in vocoder usage, the twelve tracks on "Dance Party..." are infectious slabs of electro-pop, tinged with Eastern European promise." -AngryApe