Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water are a quartet from LA creating 60's Pop-folk numbers, complete with four-part harmonies and buckets of choral chanting. Their new album Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink was self-released through the band's own Thousand Tongues label, and has been getting good reviews all over the place. If you want to read more, there is tons of info about Bodies of Water at Pop Matters:
"As a band, Bodies of Water began in the early ‘00s, shortly after David and Meredith got married. “We kind of started out recording songs on our computer at home a few years ago,” said David. “We did that for a while and we decided to make a band so that we could play shows and actually perform the songs that we had recorded. So we asked two of our good friends to play with us.” Kyle Gladden had been one of Meredith’s best friends in high school, where the two of them had cut gym class to talk about Led Zeppelin and other classic rock giants.

They began fooling around, playing songs, developing the band’s signature, everybody-sing-at-once sound. By 2004, they had begun to play some shows. At the end of 2005, they released their first EP. It was originally intended to be a full-length CD, but the band was only happy with a few cuts. They tried again to make the CD in early 2006, but again had trouble; a producer dropped out and the band lost all the tapes from these sessions. Finally later in 2006, the third time out, they cut a full album."
Hear more songs & get the album via their official site, or check myspace and eMusic.