Monday, August 13, 2007

Car Stereo (Wars) strikes back

I just got my first listen to The Bandit, the debut LP from the local DJ Car Stereo (Wars), and I'm gonna pass along a couple of tracks from the album before they burn a hole in my CD player. That's because they're hot like lava, see?

Beauty Bar is hosting the CD release this Saturday, and CS(W) will be getting support Terry Diabolik of Finger on the Pulse, as well as locals White Denim, Single Frame, and more. You can find out all about the show right here.

Read some info from the press release below for the full story:
Car Stereo (Wars), the DJ project of Austin filmmaker Christopher Rose, recently announced the release of its debut LP, The Bandit. Often compared to Girl Talk or Hollertronix, Car Stereo (Wars) blends snippets of songs in and out with popular and homemade beats, riffs and verses in a fun, danceable and often humorous fashion.

Slated for official release on August 21, The Bandit is the first offering for new Austin boutique label Artifact Workshop Records. Artifact Workshop, founded by Erik Horn (Super!Alright!) and John Gross (, serves to make tactile artistic representations of their releases via packaging and presentation. The focus is distributing unique releases that are physically as interesting and captivating as the music inside. Branded with a Smokey and the Bandit theme, the first 500 Bandit records include a fake mustache and a one of a kind "Bandit" Polaroid inside. Taking the fandom one step further, every track name is based on different Burt Reynolds film characters.

Car Stereo (Wars) lit up the blogs in early 2006 with the Ghostface Observatory mash-up, praised by Gorilla vs. Bear, URB Magazine,, The Austin Chronicle and many more. Since, Car Stereo (Wars) has continued to put out a string of popular mash-ups. In March 2007, Car Stereo (Wars) was labeled "Discovery of the Night" and "Best Reason for Musical A.D.D." by BLENDER Magazine after rocking a sold out South By Southwest (SXSW) showcase. This SXSW set was the basis for the creation of The Bandit.

"The philosophy of The Bandit was to make a Girl Talk-styled party record, firing out samples from anywhere and everywhere at a frantic pace but also working together in a smoother and kind of more organized fashion," said Rose. "One of the things I tried out for the first time on The Bandit was experimenting with making my own beats. There's a lot more detail to this record than anything I've done before. Even on the third or fourth listen, I'm hoping that samples will pop out that feel new and unnoticed."

The new LP is a departure from traditional mash-up fare, opting instead to sound more like a Car Stereo (Wars) live set: frantic, fast-paced snippets of various tracks blended together to create a new song and sound. It's like 15 mash-ups for the price of one. The Bandit is a novel attempt to capture the sound that Christopher Rose has been working toward ever since Ghostface Observatory. The record weaves various threads of musical history together into one, from Rose's love of 90's one hit wonders (Crash Test Dummies / Kriss Kross) and current Top 40 to random pop culture references (Lazy Sunday, Kill Bill, Doug) and critical staples (The Pixies, The Cure). The Bandit is a record that will be filled with the familiar, unusual, chaotic and hopefully refreshing.


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here can i buy this. i can't find any reference to artifact workshop records anywhere.

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