Monday, August 13, 2007

Cue, Wedding Song

Once upon a time, thanks to a recommendation from a local record store employee, I picked up an album from an instrumental quartet from Austin called Cue. While Bring Back My Love had its good moments, I felt that the band had such a good balance in their instrumentation that they could create a more consise album that would properly showcase their talents. With Cue's new album Wedding Song I think they've hit the nail squarely on the head.

Perhaps best described as a concoction of instrumental-post-chamber-rock, Cue is kind of like the pop side of Godspeed You! Black Emperor mixed with the happy-go-lucky side of Explosions in the Sky, if there is such a thing. Written and recorded in an east Austin studio over a couple of month's time, between side projects and the grind of day jobs, Wedding Song is the sound of four friends playing the music they love and striving to keep a firm footing in one of the most competitive music scenes that you're likely to find. Tracks like "Wedding Song For Living Things And Dead Things" move at a swift pace along with the help of some passionate violin work, "The Last Good Year Of My Life" cools things down after a busy eight-minutes of "Yroknrölsukkdn2002," and "Fleur De Lis" demonstrates Cue's own take on the traditional loud-quiet-loud instrumental song structure.
You can pick up Wedding Song at most local record stores, and see Cue at Lambert's on September 1st. Outside of Austin you can get a copy of the album right here, and of course you can hear more at myspace.