Thursday, August 02, 2007

From the UK...

Oh my golly, there is some good music here. Hexstatic kicks it off with some rump-shaking jams, and DJ Format follows with a few minutes of music for the mature b-boy. Athlete comes in next with a couple of crushing grooves from their third album Beyond the Neighbourhood, which will be hitting the shelves on Sep. 3rd. Anyone remember The Coral? Well I do, and I've got a couple of tracks from their new album Roots and Echoes that comes out next week. Let's Wrestle finishes things off, with a song I first heard on the new Blog Fresh Radio show, (of which I am a part.)

Listen with both ears, and follow the links to support these artists.

Ninjatune: "The dynamic duo, Hexstatic, return to the fray with "When Robots Go Bad," their finest album yet. Taking their electro obsession to greater heights than ever before, "WRGB" finds Robin Brunson and Stuart Warren-Hill mashing up sounds and influences in search of the ultimate machine groove. "Tokyo Traffic" takes the tempo up again for an acidic, glitchy, serialist pop-locker of a tune that just about makes sense of the term "future-retro. ..."Bust", offering an object lesson in the contrasting ways in which synths and drum boxes can be used to create superb, funny, funky, driving dance music."

InTheNews: "DJ Format – Matt Ford to his mates – is one of the hottest things to come out of Southampton since maritime history was considered interesting. Along with his partner in crime, MC Abdominal, he produced Music for the Mature B-Boy back in 2003 and put the fun back into UK hip hop. Like fellow turntablist DJ Yoda, Format is into producing straight up party music, tunes that get people onto the dance floor and put a smile on their faces."
DJ Format - "Last Bongo in Brighton"
DJ Format - "Little Bit Of Soul"

Wiki: "The band plays an unusual style of music which is a mixture of old fashioned country, 1960s-style psychedelica and folk with modern rock'n'roll influences. Their music is often used in the soundtracks to many TV adverts and programmes making their music well known, though the band themselves are still yet to achieve mainstream success.The band are currnetly on tour to promote the new album. The Coral showcased Who's Gonna Find Me, Jacqueline, Remember Me, In The Rain and She's Got A Reason from their forthcoming album Roots & Echoes for a crowd pleasing set at Glastonbury on 22 June 2007."
The Coral - "In The Rain"

Wiki: "Friends since the age of fourteen, Athlete took their wide ranging influences such as Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips and started jamming and practicing in the basement of The Bear, a pub which was converted into a church and sandwich bar, on Deptford High Street in 1999. They began recording there, before sending demos out. Signing with Regal Recordings, they released their first single in February 2002. The band came to prominence in 2003 with their debut album, Vehicles and Animals, producing popular singles such as "You Got the Style" and "El Salvador". The album earned a Mercury Music Prize nomination and went on to sell over 250,000 copies."
Athlete - "The Outsiders"
Athlete - "Flying Over Bus Stops"

BBC: "When it comes to making indie pop, it's actually perversely very difficult to sound as if you're not making much of an effort. What you're aiming for is that hey-we're-just-making-this-up as-we-go-along scruffiness that the likes of Pavement perfected back in the dishevelled mid-90s; what you all too often get is the kind of studied distractedness that made late-period Blur so unconvincing. London sleeve-wipers, Let's Wrestle, have the whole not-arsed thing down pat, however, with Song For Abba Tribute Record (Marquis Cha Cha) sounding like the accidental 4am lovechild of eight bottles of £2.99 Merlot and a wheelbarrow full of Cutter's Choice. To cement their slacker status, Let's Wrestle have been endorsed and supported by none other than crown prince of the underachievers, wunderdoodler David Shrigley."
Let's Wrestle - "Song For Abba Tribute Record"


kyle said...

Dude, thats some music.

Get some local Austin bands on here, too!

I added your site to my blog, check it out...

Mr. Curiosity said...

Thanks, that is an excellent idea! Is 20 enough? =]

Dan said...

i like how some uk bands sound like american bands in their pronunciation. some of the blokes slang a different tune across the pond.

butter team blog said...

in daft punk withdrawal from friday, this hexstatic will help while away the hours along with some cold tomato soup

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