Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Austin this week

Tonight: Flyjack

All killer, no filler and 100% satisfaction guaranteed to put out the bonafide hump’n, thump’n '60s/'70s soul sound. Laying down a groovalicious sound that runs like a '72 Eldorado on high octane...and baby, you know that's powerful stuff! Come out to an Old Skool East Side Joint and experience some New Skool Funk. Every Wednesday this summer at 9:30 PM at TC's Lounge (1413 Webberville Road.) Beer, wine, setups available, and if you got a different flavor, just Brown Bag it. Let's make Austin Funky for real, all summer long! More on this event here. There's a few funky tracks below to get you in the mood.

Thursday: The Black and White Years

The Onion says: "True to its name, The Black And White Years treads a fine line between soulful funk and reggae (the black) and twitchy art-rock (the white), much like its obvious forebears in Talking Heads. Fitting then that the post-punk trio so impressed that band’s Jerry Harrison at this year’s SXSW that he jumped at the chance help craft the follow-up to their infectious debut Real! In Color!, due this fall. Of course, no band that gets compared to Talking Heads these days actually sounds like Talking Heads, but damned if The Black And White Years doesn’t come awfully close—wrapping reggae stabs of guitar around sinewy bass grooves and topping it off with the anxious yelps of singer Scott Butler—and there’s even a hint of Of Montreal in there for the kids." Check out a track from The Black and White Years below, and get more info about the show here.

Friday: Jennifer Gentle, Papercuts & more

From Waterloo: “A new Jennifer Gentle record (who are a band and not a girl). I’ve been wondering when this was coming cause their last album was one of my favorites of 2005. It was one of those rare times where you pick up a record you know nothing about because it looks interesting and then it turns out to be exactly what you’ve wanted to hear for awhile and you get really excited and possessive since you’re the one who discovered it so it’s more “yours” than anyone else’s. These songs are intelligent arrangments of twangy guitars, hollow vocals, sinister organ and a minimal, well placed rhythm section. Assimilating European psych, American rock n roll, Italian soundtracks and spaghetti westerns, The Midnight Room, while descriptively weird, is a well constructed mix of influences and a wholly accessible and enjoyable record." Waterloo instore at 5pm, then at Emo's w/Papercuts, Ladybug Transistor and The Dodos.
Saturday: Good times at Beauty Bar that I told you about, plus White Rabbits and The Clutters (FREE SHOW) at Emo's.

The Clutters - "Busted Dreams/Broken Heart"
White Rabbits - "The Plot"


Ryan of the RSL blog said...

(Well, let's see if I can actually put this in the right place this time!)

I happen to be the world's biggest Black and White Years fan! (Bet you didn't know that...?)

Here is the fun interview I did with the band a while back. Good reading!

John said...

love the pb wolf tracks!