Thursday, August 09, 2007

Uncle Tony's Coloring Book

Blockhead is Tony Simon, a producer and DJ who works with the Ninja Tune record label that is home to prominent electronic artists like Bonobo, Hexstatic, and Diplo, just to name a few. Other than his recent role as beatmaker for hip-hop acts such as Aesop Rock, Blockhead has been at work on solo efforts including his new album Uncle Tony's Coloring Book that will be available in stores next week.

The album is an hours-worth of soulful sampling, with chill-friendly beats that set a stress-free tone for the album while still providing more than enough energy to keep your fingers snapping. With brilliant moments like the mariachi vs classic-rock-guitar showdown on "Duke of Hazard" and the downtempo sing-along "Trailer Love," this album welcomes repeated listening. If you dig the DJ tunes then be sure to look for Uncle Tony's Coloring Book at your local record store this Tuesday, if they don't already have it.


CubikArubik said...

Nice one mate-han't seen that this new one was coming out.
Also check out some older stuff by mr. Blockhead here:
My favopurite tune being Carnivores Unite.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Cool man thanks for the link, looks like you beat me to the punch with this guy.