Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unfortunate Heads

An upright bass, some banjo, a little bit of theremin, and plentiful harmonies with a touch of psychedelia. That is the sound of the sophomore album from Austin's own Unfortunate Heads. Dubbed Come Be Light, the album is a pleasant trip down similar paths that were forged by psychedelic-indie-pop bands such as Elf Power, while the Unfortunate Heads cover new ground with their introspective songwriting and layered multi-instrumentation.

From Come Be Light, "The Good Foundation" is an almost rasta-esque instrumental track that is a nice addition to the album, and "Nervous, Sorry" is a pop gem with a an unforgettable hook. The album closer "Enclaves! Enclaves!" rolls along at an unhurried pace and approaches alt-country territory, with some added effects for texture.
Locally you can get your hands on Come Be Light at Waterloo Records and End of an Ear, and catch the band en vivo at The Carousel on the 23rd of this month. Also, get friendly with Unfortunate Heads at myspace and hear/see more at