Monday, September 24, 2007

Cold War Kids in Paris

Cold War Kids put on a good show at their ACL Fest debut, they seem to have cleaned up quite a bit since the last time I saw them. They showered, shaved, and even wore clean clothes. Good thing, they played during what felt like the hottest part of the entire festival. The first time I saw them was at an indoor show at Stubb's sometime during the Spring of 2006, so they've come a long way.

Here's a live CWK performance from earlier this year at La Cigale that was broadcast on French radio. Good quality, and the DJ only interrupts for a couple of voice-overs between songs. They will make a return to this venue in November, so I guess they enjoyed themselves the first time around.
  1. We Used To Vacation
  2. Pass The Hat
  3. Rubidoux
  4. Hospital Beds
  5. God, Make Up Your Mind
  6. Hang Me Up To Dry
  7. I'll Come Running Back to You
  8. Saint John
  9. Quiet, Please
  10. Every Valley is Not a Lake