Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Back To School Time

School is back baby! Are you pumped up for it? Yeah, me neither. I served my time in countless classrooms around Texas, and in the end I got a rectangular piece of paper that says so. Oddly enough I still ended up on campus today to learn a bit more about the Groundwork Music Project. They are putting on Back-To-Schoolapalooza this weekend, a 3-day event designed to raise funds and spread the word about their cause.

The purpose of the Groundwork Music Project is to provide free and low cost music education to young children who could not otherwise afford it. "Back To Schoolapalooza" is their biggest event of the year, combining live music and theater in an environment that is fun for all ages. You can click over to Do512 to find out all about the event, and to learn more visit

I did a little snooping around to find some good songs that are school-related, and the list below is what I came away with. Hot Chip was an obvious choice, so I went with a live version that you might not have heard yet. Young MC kicks things off with an old school single from his first album, while Jerry Lee, Otis Redding and Gary U.S. Bonds supply a few golden oldies. On the end is "Beauty School Drop Out", a one-off cover song by the Toadies. That one was featured on the Sandy Does Dallas compilation album, featuring Dallas-based bands doing their best Grease covers. Enjoy the music!


China said...

Ahh! "Stay in School" is brilliant!

China said...

I nearly forgot, though - you ought to track the James Brown "Stay in School" PSA. It's full of his merry slurring.