Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things you could do...

Here's a look at a few things that will be going down in Austin for the rest of September. As always, check Showlist and Do512 for a comprehensive list of local happenings.

Thursday: 9/20
Coming around to their current sound rose out of a general frustration with the indie music scene and its sometimes icky leaning towards industry professionalism that left the Rockers with a bad taste in their mouth. This propensity to shake off the current scene ostensibly came as no surprise to those listening to their sound: their influences come from beyond records that surfaced two (or even twenty) years ago. Mixing this affection for songs written in the 50's and 60's with elements of swing, rock, pop and jazz make the Jungle Rockers' sound both unique and accessible. -Austinist
Come see Quiet, Lovely who have been knocking Austin out with their spot-on harmonies and delicious riffs. Come see La Snacks go nuts with their Hold Steady lyrical earnestness and Paper Chase angular guitar melodies. The Onion may have tagged them best as “sloppy smartasses.” Closing out the night are the styling of Stay Gold playing indie dance floor remix bombs, baile funk and classics that the Beauty Bar has become synonymous with. Cover is one dollar and there are cheap wells and domestics. Is this a great country or what?
Friday: 9/21
The pride of San Marcos, Texas, This Will Destroy You are an instrumental quartet who play a cascading brand of cinematic rock music. "Young Mountain" is their formerly self-released masterstroke, a 6-song, 36 minute composition of aural brilliance that has already garnered an obsessed fanbase both in their home state and in underground circles worldwide. In spite of its previous CD-R-only incarnation, Decoy Magazine featured the album at #5 on their "Top 50 Instrumental Albums of 2005." -Amazon
Saturday: 9/22
Sunday: 9/23
Tuesday: 9/25
“Looney Tunes had a lot to do with it,” Dan Deacon admitted recently during a live TV performance in his native Baltimore. He was speaking about his music—a whimsically warped electro racket Deacon creates alone using a jumble of patched-up gadgetry—but he could as easily have meant his own onstage persona. Live, Deacon dons taped-up glasses and Tweety Bird shirts as he sinuously conducts, dances to, and croons along with his music-spitting contraptions. His newest disc, Spiderman Of The Rings, even ventures into the realm of gleefully demented pop, complete with passages of coexisting innocence and complexity. Tourmate White Williams is an excellent foil to Deacon’s spazzed-out whimsy, creating squiggly laptop anthems that hew closer to actual pop songs in the vein of Grandaddy. The Onion will also be giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the upcoming Fun! Fun! Fun! Festival at the show. But you can't win if you're not there.... -TheOnion
Wednesday: 9/26
Saturday: 9/29


Dan said...

every time i die at lzr monday
alice in chains next sat.
!!! next next tues