Sunday, October 28, 2007

AM Syndicate

"Austin, TX natives AM Syndicate formed in the spring of 2004 when Omar Chavez, Vince Durcan, and Golfball got together to create their own brand of jangle-y, cavernous indie-pop.

Liberation, out November 13 on Novastar Records, is AM Syndicate’s second full length album. Erik Wofford recorded and produced the album (who also recorded Voxtrot, The Black Angles and Explosions in the Sky). Although the band has modern influences like Blonde Redhead and Neutral Milk Hotel, they do not betray their roots and draw in aspects of Simon and Garfunkel and even New Order. This musical synergy creates an accessible sound both remiscent of late-70s England, as well as their Austin home.

In contrast to earlier releases, Liberation, is an attempt to do just what the title states: create a sense of freedom and fun, like when you were in middle school and danced around the room with your hands up in the air. The melody and beats will make the room smile and invigorate people to have fun. Lyrically, the approach to Liberation is more serious. It is a collection of sincere and sobering observations."
from SXSW:
"What has distinguished the Austin, Texas-based AM Syndicate from its inception is the group's ability to articulate the contemporary shades of human experience in all its violence, volatility, beauty and tranquility through art's most fluid medium: sound. AM Syndicate pulls together those ideas, those thoughts, those emotions, and never forgets to touch it off with delicate brilliance."
from Liberation
AM Syndicate will be all over the place for the next month. You can check out their tour schedule and hear more from Liberation at myspace, and order the album at Nova Star Records.


Russell said...

I really like that first track. Good stuff.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Yeah man, it is a great opening track for the album. I'm glad you dig it, thanks for the feedback.