Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Becoming All Things

"Chris Simpson writes songs and sings them, and he calls himself Zookeeper when he does this. He used to be in some other bands a long time ago. One was called Mineral. The one after that was called the Gloria Record. When TGR stopped playing together, Chris had no home for his songs. But he kept writing them, of course.

When he had so many songs that he couldn't hold them in any longer, he called a bunch of his friends, and everyone got together in a studio in Austin (where we all live) and recorded them (you can hear how the first attempt at this turned out on the song "delivery room" from zookeeper's debut ep). Everybody had a real good time, and thought the songs were just top notch. So we traded instruments, invited more friends, learned more songs, recorded more songs, played a few shows, recorded again, played some more, drove to Los Angeles and back, drove to New Mexico and back, recorded, played, recorded, played."
The new album is titled Becoming All Things, and while on tour Simpson has surrounded himself with a cast of players from some of independent music's most exciting acts. From The Sad Accordions, Seth Woods and Ben Lance will join Zookeeper on bass and lead guitar. Playing drums will be occasional Zykos time-keeper Kevin Bybee, and later in the tour, former Gloria Record and now House and Parish drummer, Brian Malone. And Alex Dupree, of Alex Dupree and The Trapdoor Band, fills out the quintet on rhythm guitar. This is a promising restart for a gifted songwriter that hints at great things to come.


Jen said...

I love this record.

butter team blog said...

pretty dope, thanks. i need more half-sleep on the plane music