Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bring Back The Guns

I used to go see Bring Back The Guns a handful of years ago when they were touring around the state with Dallas rock bands like the Toadies, Baboon, and the Burden Brothers. They were called The Groceries back then, and they were one of very few good bands in Houston that were worth road-tripping to see. After years of touring, a few line-up changes, and trying multiple times (in vain) to get an album recorded and released, these guys are finally starting to get their due. BBTG lead singer Matt Brownlie got sick of trying to export their music to other record labels, so he just joined forces with Devendra Banhart cohort Jana Hunter to create their own label, Feow Records. So far they have released the BBTG album Dry Futures, along with another good one that I told you about previously.

Here is what Fanatic thinks of it:
"Bring Back The Guns is a messy experiment in taking pop and punk tropes to the classical museum hoping to get thrown out. There's a mathematical precision that belies the boiling underneath, a surface of timing and beats, wordplay, performance, persona that performs the same function as a paper plate during an eclipse. BBTG twists its primal screams into exquisite sculpture and invites you to knock over the ropes on your way to touch the art. BBTG is anger and love and other short words with long definitions: pop, math-rock, post-Pavement, anti-cool. Its sound somehow simultaneously references elements of such disparate bands as Hot Snakes, The Shins, The Pixies and Fugazi on the young quartet's debut album Dry Futures.

Previously, Matthew Brownlie, Blake Powell, Thomas Clemmons and Erik Bogle (ex-The Octopus Project) were the award-winning Groceries, and in five years they released two albums. In 2004 Ryan Hull joined on bass, and the band became known as Bring Back The Guns. Soon they were freaking everybody out in their hometown Houston, TX scene. The music got uglier, the beats got faster, and the anger got redder. All the while, the praise got louder -- winning the Best Indie Rock award in the Houston Press in 2005 and 2003, with nominations every year from 2001-present."
“Bring Back The Guns is making some of the most original music in the city. The band's music crackles with energy and makes the heart race. It isn't simple, and it's often weird, but these are the very reasons it engages you. You listen, you try to piece together what is being said and why, and then the key changes or the song stops and the rug is pulled out from under you.”
from Dry Futures:
You can listen to the whole album right here, and get more of everything here.