Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dax Riggs

It's been too long since I've seen a show at Stubb's indoor, so long in fact that I'm not even sure when the last time was. This all changes on Tuesday night. Dax Riggs, having just released his first "solo" album, will be performing at Stubb's indoor after the Stars/Lemurs gig on the outside stage.

If you haven't heard of Dax Riggs, he's the dude from Deadboy & the Elephantmen. If you haven't heard of Deadboy & the Elephantmen, then you should go pick up We Are Night Sky and turn it on.

Here is something that NPR offered up on Riggs' new album, We Sing of Only Blood or Love:
"Dax Riggs spent years toiling in glam and metal bands few have heard of — Deadboy and the Elephantmen, Acid Bath — which turns out to have been great practice for his latest incarnation as a creepy swamp goth who really, really loves David Bowie.

The Houma, Louisiana-based singer-songwriter lays on the unearthly, death-obsessed vibe with a trowel; no one, even a former metal singer, sounds this creepy by accident. And yet Riggs' solo debut is a fine, mostly convincing mixture of classic rock, old-school country-blues and self-conscious revivalism a la The White Stripes. If Iggy Pop had been raised in a swamp, he'd probably sound like this."
from We Sing of Only Blood or Love
from We Are Night Sky


musicisart said...

i love dax... deadboy & the elephantmen were a special band that i enjoyed while living in new orleans. a hidden jem in a dive bar. brings back good memories ;) thankyou!