Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deer Tick, War Elephant

"At the age of 21, John McCauley, the man behind songwriting project/band Deer Tick, has recorded War Elephant, an album full of songs wiser and more nuanced than he should be able to produce according to natural law. The words are deliberate and heartfelt, following the lead of guys like Townes van Zandt, Neil Young and Richie Valens. The arrangements touch on everything from the summery rock of Tom Petty to Nirvana’s sludgier moments. And McCauley’s voice, arguably the best thing about Deer Tick, carries these great melodies with real strength and honesty."
I went to see this punk/rock band out of Houston a few months ago that I had heard about from a friend. After the show we conversed with one of the guys from this band, and at some point he mentioned this guy who goes by Deer Tick and writes all of these cool songs. He told me that I should definitely look into it and went on about how he wanted to get this guy in the studio and release an album.

Two months later I'm just now finding out how right he was. John McCauley can a write a damn good song, and his album War Elephant is an outstanding. There's not a single thing about it that I can point to and say "I wish they would've done this differently." The songwriting is great from start to finish, and as if that isn't enough, McCauley's voice is impeccable. I have a feeling that when the end of the year rolls around and I'm trying to pick my favorites of 2007, War Elephant will be in there somewhere.
  • Deer Tick - War Elephant
  1. Ashamed
  2. Art Isn’t Real (City Of Sin)
  3. Standing At The Threshold
  4. Dirty Dishes
  5. Long Time
  6. Nevada
  7. Baltimore Blues No. 1
  8. These Old Shoes
  9. Not So Dense
  10. Spend The Night
  11. Diamond Rings 2007
  12. Sink Or Swim
  13. Christ Jesus
  14. What Kind Of Fool Am I?


butter team blog said...

been listening to art isn't real for a few weeks but this baltimore blues is equally dope. time to buy the album. thanks.