Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Electronic Variety

Soul Jazz Records has been releasing some very cool stuff lately. Or maybe they've been doing it for a while and I was just unaware. Yeah, that's probably it. The new Soul Jazz Singles release is a collection of songs taken from varying genres of electronic music through 2006-2007. It is a well-executed compilation of cool tracks that will turn you onto not only a handful lesser-known artists, but also compliment your library with some new forms of music.

"Some of the finest artists around have chosen to work with Soul Jazz Records over the last two years. As well as working with all the top Dubstep producers recently such as Digital Mystikz, Skream, Kode 9, etc, Soul Jazz have continued to release new music by the likes of Rekid, Ladybug (The Bug), DJ Rupture and many more whilst continuing to work with legendary dance music pioneers such as ESG.

Dancehall, Reggae, Italo-Disco, Baile Funk, Dubstep, German Rock, Post-Punk, Deep Techno and House all feature. This album brings together tracks that have only been available on 12” vinyl alongside a mix CD featuring loads of extra tracks, again most of which have not been on CD before."
"Soul Jazz Records started 15 years ago. We are a record label, record store, sound system, publisher and radio broadcaster. As well as our main label, Soul Jazz Records, we have affiliated labels such as Studio One Records, Universal Sound, Yoruba Records and more. Our record store is called Sounds Of The Universe located in Soho, London. We love all non-mainstream music: Reggae, Punk, Latin, Techno, Disco, African, House, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro and more."

After completely selling out of copies of their limited edition EP, Holy Fuck are coming right back at you with an LP that encompasses the sum of their musical creation of late. Each of the tracks are either fresh out of the studio or are perfected versions of previously recorded material. The release date for the Holy Fuck LP is set for next week, 10-23-07. Below are a few words on the LP via DIY:
"Holy Fuck command the ears first and the brain second. Following the relative low-level acclaim of 2005's 100% improvised, 100% eponymous EP, their debut album 'LP' runs an uber-hardcore gauntlet. They're the evil twins of Chk ChkChk, with less sex and more death, interrupting the family reunion with krautrockers Neu! and Can with a succession of hammers, tribal rhythms and ultra-distorted Casio instruments.

Their 2004 effort showed a grounding in 1980s home synthesiser rhythm tracks and 'LP' begins to veer away into a more free-form, yet frenetically structured percussive juggernaut. 'Lovely Allen' sounds like a blissed up Sigur Ros falling down a big well and clearly loving it, but moments of friendliness are few and far between.

1am floor-filler it isn't, but 'LP' never bothers to wander down that avenue. What this Toronto-based supergroup offer is an electrically funky, beat-driven racket, as humourous in its devices as the toytown tendencies of Kid Carpet and as relentless as the pioneering No-Wave rumble of Liquid Liquid. Call it what you like – it's very, very good. Too good for asterisks."
  • Holy Fuck - LP (2007)
  1. Super Inuit (Live)
  2. Milk Shake
  3. Frenchy's
  4. Lovely Allen
  5. The Pulse
  6. Royal Gregory
  7. Echo Sam
  8. 08. Safari
  9. Choppers
"Discovered by Moshi Moshi Records whilst holidaying in the USA in 2003, BestFwends consists of Dustin Pilkington (23) and Anthony Davis (21). Two friends turned business partners, who in their own words, started making music "in a desperate attempt to make something out of themselves."

How best to describe their music? "Retarded anti-pop music made by two musical idiot savants from Texas with a cheap computer" is one cheerful description that's been offered up. But hold up, this is all sounding a little too self deprecating a little too early on for my liking..Two pubescent Beastie Boys let loose in Toys R Us with some RRRRRROCK guitars, some choice hip hop beats and other random noises thrown in for good measure doesn't quite come close enough, nor do it justice..but it'll do."