Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It came from the UK

I haven't done one of these entries in quite some time, and Stolen Recordings in London just hooked me up with a handful of good tracks, so here we are again. Let's Wrestle, who I mentioned before, kick it off with the opening line "I Wish I Was In Hot Chip." They're followed by the first of six Stolen Recordings bands, a noisy trio called Screaming Tea Party. Filling out the other five are Tap Tap, The Ghosts, Jesus Licks, Pete and the Pirates, and Oxen of the Sun. Finishing it off, The Whip supply supply a little electro-pop and Hot Chip take their own spin on The Aliens' track "Robot Man", from the album I told you about. Enjoy.
Let's Wrestle came to the attention of uber-cool indie label Marquis Cha Cha early in 2007, and recorded their debut 45 for the label later that year. They describe said release as a "coherent, thrilling art-pop rush". -D.I.S.
"So here we have a good thing; Stolen Recordings are a label with an action plan for the UK rock underground. Hell yes, and here’s to a genuinely independent label." -Art Rocker
"Complex in their simplicity and a nexus of electricity reminiscent of Sonic Youth having sex with a bulldozer."
"Part wonderfully warped liliput/raincoats style indie, part folk and part country."
"Funny, strange and very moving. Two people we know think he is a genius."
"He is an internationally respected visual artist, he’s played drums for the influential post-punk band the Television Personalities, and he is the lead singer and songwriter with his own musical collective, Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts."
"Shiny pop filled with joyfully noisy guitars, crashy drums, and lovely harmonies."
"On record and on stage, they're a tuneful mishmash of guitar pop, folk and punk."
"The are numerous things about The Whip which we could label extremely good."
"The soundtrack to your next outer space party with a robot."