Thursday, October 25, 2007

Masonic newness

Masonic is an Austin-via-Oklahoma City indie-pop quartet comprised of three brothers and two friends: drummer Brian Mason, keyboardist and guitarist Kevin Mason, guitarist John Mason, bassist Trey D'Amico and vocalist Eryn Gettys. Armed with vintage keyboards and guitars, a vinyl collection, and some tape loops, Masonic recorded their new album Things I Am Guilty Of during the spring and summer of 2007. It arrives on the heels of 2006's Without Warning, which was named one of 2006's Austin Top 10 release by the Austin Chronicle. These five musicians create feel-good indie-pop music in the same vein as bands like Thrushes and Sister Vanilla. Other points of reference include Yo La Tengo and Stereolab.

The Mason brothers moved to Austin in 1995 and trudged along for years in the underground before Never Stood A Chance — the debut album of their newly christened incarnation, Masonic — dropped in 2002. Despite its lo-fi sound, the album scored airplay on "The Next Big Thing," a program on the Austin modern rock radio station KROX (101.5 FM). That little bit of radio support, along with a simmering word-of-mouth buzz, garnered Masonic some SXSW appearances and a healthy bit of attention in its formative days.
Check out a couple of tracks from the new album:
You can hear more at myspace or the official site, and get the album via iTunes or Waterloo Records.