Friday, October 12, 2007


Transmography. I saw these guys at the Mohawk last night along with Haunting Oboe Music. Just two dudes in the band, but they make one hell of a racket. People were jumping up and down inside this tiny little space as the show seemed to get better and better with each song in their setlist. You don't see that very often at this venue on a Thursday night. I made sure to get my hands on their cd that came out in March called Polydactyly, which you can pick up/preview here:
"Polydactyly gracefully combines washy synth grooves, the distorted clang of iron bars, driving electronic disco beats, and warm guitar swells that weave throughout the music as the night tide coming into the shore. This eight song record is a constantly growing enigma from start to finish breaking the "rules" of modern day instrumental music.

Having dwindled from being a four-piece post-rock outfit down to a mere two members, Transmography continues their exploration of music as an art form with their latest release. This album brings along the band's love of digital synths, 70's rock, and cybernetic robots from the future. As most groups tend to suffer from losses in the member line-up, Transmography has take unfortunate circumstance and turned it into an opportunity for innovative creativity."
"These two dudes produce between them an instrumental music that is by turns experimental and melodic, familiar sounding yet impossible to immediately classify. Although the tunes rely heavily on drums, guitar, and keyboards, their best trick is one that I describe as “climbing the mountain”: building a musical structure which starts out in calm, almost meditative beginnings, and which then coalesces into a pounding mixture of power chords and percussion."
Get down on a few tracks from Polydactyly below, and hear more at myspace.


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