Sunday, November 11, 2007

60 Watt Kid

60 Watt Kid are a psychedelic trio from San Fransisco who have just released their self-titled debut album on Absolutely Kosher records. They have a unique sound thanks to their affection of analog beats, electronic glitches, homemade samples, and "wacked intertwining finger picking." True to psychedelic form, 60 Watt Kid openly enjoy altering their format and "getting lost in the space where the sound is our only friend." Their lyrics vary from talking with aliens to more ordinary life experiences, and their influences flutter somewhere between the psych/folk of Animal Collective, the art/punk of Talking Heads, and the interactive/live improvisation of a group like the Velvet Underground.

The trio of ex-Dance Disaster Movement member Kevin Litrow (vocals, guitar) Derek Thomas (guitars, keyboards, samples, electronics) and Garrett Pierce (tom drum, percussion xylophone) simultaneously pay homage to the culture of stripped-down rock 'n roll while abusing it irreverently, tweaking it with experimental out-of-time beats and infinite reverb.

Their debut is the kind of album you have to sit down with over a pair of headphones and spend a little time listening to. An ambitious release, it packs 14 individual songs at over an hour in length, including a hidden outro jam on the end. If you get a chance to see them live, I hear the shows are quite a spectacle. They've reportedly been packing crowds into clubs and warehouse parties around San Fran in just a year and a half, featurng an Audio/Video rodeo combining homemade 8 mm films, guest vj's and a variety of free form improvisation and textured ambient soundscapes. 60 Watt Kid will be in Austin for SXSW, so prepare yourselves.
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