Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clear Tigers - Brutal

I mentioned the Brooklyn indie rock outfit Clear Tigers not long ago, and now I'm mentioning them again. Not only because they've just released their debut full-length, but also just because I like the music. There are no strings attached, they're not selling a story or trying to do any particular "thing", simply writing and recording.

They can rock (Summer School), they can roll (Boredom), and they can still tone it down a notch and write a dreamy pop song like "Deathray" or a quasi alt-country two-stepper like "Kids". The album is titled "Brutal", although it is actually quite the opposite. I guess that "Unoffensive and Easily Enjoyable" doesn't have the same ring to it.

You can get Brutal directly, via iTunes or eMusic, & hear more at myspace.


Ekko said...

Hey, Mr. C:

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i.n.galbraith said...

i love when people love clear tigers...

i.n.galbraith said...

i love when people love clear tigers