Friday, November 09, 2007


Not long ago I was clicking around on myspace listening to a few different local bands, just trying to find some stuff that I had yet to hear. I came across a band called Fiction, who at the time only had a few demos up on their page and a somewhat under-developed profile. One of those demos struck a chord with me, so I sent over a friendly message to let them know that I'd like to hear more. After a little writing/recording time had passed they sent over a copy of their debut EP You Will Never, and I knew almost immediately that I'd want to say a few words about it.

The two songs that most caught my attention fill out the last 10 minutes of the EP. The first one is titled "Bellydown", which is an electronic jam with a killer bass line that had me reaching to increase the volume. The sound rises and falls as the cello and synths interact together, creating a very cool sound. The second track is titled "Salty", which is a soulful number that almost sounds like something you might hear from an artist like Jamie Lidell, except with true instrumentation via piano, violin and cello. Among the influences that Fiction lists are Curtis Mayfield, Blonde Redhead, Tortoise, and TV on the Radio. The group utilizes a palette of traditional rock instrumentation and experimental elements such as strings, synthesizers, live looping/sampling, and electronic beats. Have a listen...

from the You Will Never EP
You can get more Fiction at their official site, Virb, and myspace.