Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Chip, New and Old

Rumor has it that Hot Chip has a new album titled Made in the Dark that will be hitting the shelves in February of next year. It will have 13 tracks, and the cover features the ominous "Artifact" rendered in copper ink and embossed for that extra-tactile quality. They will also be releasing a special limited edition of the album with a laser cut version of The Artifact on the cover and a unique 12” gatefold version. "Shake A Fist" was released as a single last month, and the rest tracklist will fill out something like this:
  1. "Out At The Pictures"
  2. "Shake A Fist"
  3. "Ready For The Floor"
  4. "Bendable Poseable"
  5. "We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love"
  6. "Touch Too Much"
  7. "Made In The Dark"
  8. "One Pure Thought"
  9. "Hold On"
  10. "Wrestlers"
  11. "Don’t Dance"
  12. "Whistle For Will"
  13. "In The Privacy Of Our Love"
To ensure that the title of this post makes sense, here's a single from their debut Mexico EP. "The 'Mexico EP' features 6 tracks recorded in the Summer of 1999. Minimalist and straightforward." What a difference a few years makes...

You can get that one and all sorts of other good stuff via their official website.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the host of this site for all of the great music here. bonobo, gorillaz, and especially this new Hot Chip.
great work.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Cheers mate.

Z said...

i'm ready for hot chip to tear up bmore again.