Monday, November 05, 2007


iKiLLCaRS is an Austin garage-punk three-piece who have been making a name for themselves over the past couple of years by performing explosive live sets and releasing a couple of punk-filled EP's. Their most recent release, the 5-song EP At Ease With Your Haste was recorded with Chris Smith at The Bubble Studio in Austin, TX. The session captured iKiLLCaRS’ revolutionary ideals -- in both a sonic and stylistic sense. Drawing from Smith’s production experience with bands like the Meat Puppets and Built to Spill, iKiLLCaRS pushed the limits of all involved to capture an original and energetic collection of songs. At Ease With Your Haste is also the first recording of the band’s to exhibit the explosive writing dynamic between full-time car-killers Lanyo Bourgeois (bass, vocals) and Johnny Law (guitar, vocals), while enlisting the help of Mike Fonseca (Those Peabodys) on drums.

iKiLLCaRS was born in 2004, and since then they have taken the no-holds-barred punk rock ideal to new heights. First, they started practicing – tightening up the set, and focusing on a style that was raw and powerful, yet original in concept. Second, following a somewhat botched recording session, they added a new member, though more skillful than the original two, he had a wily knack towards the chaos in music. Third, upon re-entering the live arena, and recording the BeCKY EP, sought out bands and musicians of a like mind – sick of the scenester circles and retro-hacks alike - to start a revolution of sorts. While crowds and critics compare the threesome to The Minutemen, The Stooges and early Guided By Voices, iKiLLCaRS continues to create sordid songs and three-and-a-half minute soundscapes that are all their own.
from At Ease With Your Haste:


Cubik said...

Are they related to iLiKETRAiNS?


ryan said...

No not at all and they are much much beeter than that crappy uk band