Thursday, November 29, 2007

Party People

I recently got in touch with a few local blogger friends to help build a playlist for a little party we were putting together. Basically I asked them to send over a few tracks that always end up getting played at their parties, and to provide a bit of info about their picks and/or blog. Each one gave me some good stuff that is representative of the kinds of music that they're into, so if any of these tracks make your fingers snap then check out their site to hear more like it. This first tune starts off with a sweet beat and is then not so subtly joined by a menacing bass tease that eases into a funky bassline. Vocals are provided by Taprikk Sweezee across this tune, and on the album, while the four four stomps along while the sweet acid/303 that was hinted at from the very start begins to slowly infiltrate and move to the fore after an amazing breakdown at around 4 mins. Cracking tune all round.
To commemorate My Bloody Valentine getting back together: Off of Loveless, this is Soon, with an Andrew Weatherall twist. Genius move pairing MBV with Mr. Weatherall. Nuff said!
Here's a third one, a top party tune this. I love bopping my head to some great South American beats. is a site run by two guys who both like Norm MacDonald more than most of our families and yet were EXTREMELY disappointed in his 2006 comedy album. For our money nothing beats 1998's Dirty Work. Also we write about music and help put on shows around Austin. Check the site often for mp3s and superfandom. Basically we cover all things electro/house/clash/techno/hip hop/idm. Thank Allah for the internet or we'd be screwed in Texas. The big reason I do it is for my flash radio station. There's too many songs to choose from but here are tracks that always perk up the ears of regular 9-5 folks and cocaine fulled hipsters alike at our parties: Discovering what’s new tomorrow while scratching our musical itch. Sending you 3 songs from my current favorite bands. “run” from the Blakes, “your movement” from The Shackeltons, and “the rat” from Dead Confederate.
For my own picks, I clicked through some of the more recent playlists that I've saved from various shindigs over the past few months. The three songs below ended up being included pretty much across the board. The first one seems to get the girls moving, the second strikes up a little old school party nostalgia, and then you can't go wrong closing out the night with a little Jackson 5.


johng said...

my office is partying it up right now.