Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Post-Turkey Music

After a long day of stuffing myself with plates of turkey & dressing I wanted to do nothing but kick back and chill out for a few good hours. And I needed some relaxing music, because in this tryptophan-induced state I couldn't deal with sporadic bursts of noise that come from the television. It would have to be something chill that I could have playing in the background and not give much thought to.

To kick it off I put on this 86-minute set from Simon Green aka Bonobo, playing his trademark downtempo with a full live band. Sax, keys, guitar, drums, a soulful vocalist, the whole package. Whenever they say "this is off the new album," they're talking about this one.
Next I made a playlist and started with the very chill Bonobo debut, Animal Magic. Click on the artwork for each of them to get more information about the artist:

Two years later came the One Offs, Remix and B-side album:

The chilled-out collaborative effort from the two New York DJs:

Two slower ones from my favorite Brooklyn duo:

To give it a kick, two local instrumental debuts that I go back to over and over:

and the finale to my favorite Andrew Bird album, Fingerlings 3:

Happy Holidays


Miss Koula said...

ti's all about ratata

it's in greek but the download links... are working for all ;)

Jessie said...

Is there any way you can re-post the links for the Blockhead and DJ Signify collaboration? I saw them live together in October and it was AMAZING! I would really treasure having this music. Thanks either way.