Friday, December 07, 2007

Blood Visions

Ho-ly shit, I think I just listened to one of the best punk albums I've ever heard. It's called Blood Visions, and it comes from a Memphis rocker by the name of Jay Reatard. In The Red Records released the album late last year, but I had never heard of it until this week. Luckily I dicovered it just in the nick of time, as Jay Reatard will be performing in Austin tonight at Beerland. To say that this guy is a prolific musician is an understatement, I mean this "Partial Discography" reads longer than the catalog of a lot of record labels. Here is a little background info from the label:
"Following through the several feral outlets he's been involved in over the years, from the primal hysteria of The Reatards to the more recent Final Solutions and Angry Angles, he's always been an integral part of the most exciting live shows of anyone else he's shared the stage with. Jay's deviceful song writing has also been the most dynamically visceral of his peers, and from the drastic 180 degree art/punk stance the Lost Sounds established upon their first appearance in the late 90s, to the creatively above-par and melodically intricate songs that fill his debut solo album Blood Visions, it's anyone's guess what comes next."
"The 26-year-old Memphis singer-songwriter-producer (born Jay Lindsay) has clearly taken a further step back in time to grasp the sounds of old-school working-class UK punk, with Blood Visions, a blistering 15-song, 29-minute record that, upon first listen, sounds like vintage British thrash. If Reatard’s faux English accent doesn’t fool you on the title track, the pogoing rhythms of "It’s So Easy" or the Adverts-like "Nightmares" are likely to convince you that this is some long-lost punk masterpiece."
from Blood Visions:
Beerland, tonight. Be there.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I found him this time last year. He has absolutely no presence in the uk, I've never heard him on the radio, what's to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah hes been around a little while, WFMU plays him all the time.

If you like him check out Mark Sultan also from Memphis.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Curiosity said...

Damn is right.

Thanks for the tip anonymous.

Someone needs to get the UK on the line.

butter team blog said...

holy shit is right. this might be enough to convince me to get off my ass and do some of that yogging i keep hearing about

Mr. Curiosity said...

It makes me beat on whatever is near me, yogging would be more beneficial.