Saturday, December 08, 2007

Listen to White Denim

I think people need more White Denim in their life. These three guys are doing good things, making some cool music, and it's always exciting to hear a local band doing something unique and fresh. Their live shows are always a hell of a time, and the set they rolled out at Fun Fest was downright amazing. They were recently plugged by Spin and Rolling Stone, and in other news they're working with the hybrid online record label/blog RCRD LBL to release a new track every month from now until February from an exclusive EP. The first single to come forth is "World As A Waiting Room", a funky organ-fueled garage rocker with an unexpected psychedelic interlude/outro. It is available to download free of charge at

When I caught their set at Mohawk the other night, dudes hooked me up with a limited pressing tour-only EP that I've listened to at least five or six times already. They wanted some special merch for their tour patrons, so Denim beat-keeper Josh Block pulled a couple of all nighters and compiled this EP from the "vast, ever-enlarging, daunting, bank of nearly finished songs."

Workout Holiday features proper versions of a couple of tracks we've heard from these guys before (Shake Shake Shake, Ieiei), as well as a few crunchy jams that will be available on RCRD LBL soon (Paint Silver Gold, Goldie Locks), and a couple of tracks (All Truckers Roll, Let's Get Together) that are destined for an EP that they hope to release within the next few weeks. They also report that they want to have a full-length album available for mass consumption before/around SXSW in March. I predict a riot party.

Here are a couple of new sounds for you. First up is a re-jammed version of the beloved "Shake Shake Shake", which is followed by a cheerful instrumental number that's not to be confused with "Don't Look That Way At It."

from Workout Holiday:

I switched to the radio for a little while earlier tonight, literally right as Andy Langer was spinning "Mess Your Hair Up" on his "Next Big Thing" radio show. Excellent choice I'd say. The last three and a half minutes of this track are where it's at. It is the lengthiest White Denim track to date, from the 7'' EP which you can get in mp3 or in true form via the myspace.