Monday, December 31, 2007

The Roots of Led Zeppelin

Everyone has had Led Zeppelin on the brain since the three surviving members performed their first proper show in 27 years earlier this month, and with each new day there are new rumors about what Zeppelin will be up to next. Some sources say that they're considering a tour, many think that they'll take over Bonnaroo in '08, and there's even talk that Dave Grohl might come aboard as a drummer for the legendary band. At this point everything is a rumor, but it's more than enough to stir the pot and generate some excitement. These dudes are getting old and it would be epic to see them give it one last big push while they've still got warm blood pumping through their veins.

A few months ago I came across this compilation of songs that gives you a chance to hear a lot of the old stuff that influenced Led Zeppelin's sound. Simply titled "Roots Of Led Zeppelin", the 25-track collection includes old blues standards from artists like Blind Willie Johnson, Leadbelly and Robert Johnson, along with classics from The Yardbirds, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and so on. Everyone knows that Zeppelin borrowed from all sorts of stuff when they were creating music, and this is a look into some of it. You can preview a few mp3s below, and download the whole compilation right here.
Roots of Led Zeppelin:
  1. Sonny Boy Williamson - "Bring It On Home"
  2. Bukka White - "Shake 'Em On Down"
  3. Bert Jansch - "Blackwaterside"
  4. Davey Graham - "She Moved Thru The Bizarre/Blue Ragga"
  5. Spirit - "Taurus"
  6. Memphis Minnie - "When The Levee Breaks"
  7. Leadbelly - "The Gallis Pole"
  8. Blind Willie Johnson - "In My Time Of Dying"
  9. Robert Johnson - "Travelling Riverside Blues"
  10. Josh White - "Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed"
  11. Owen Hand - "She Likes It"
  12. John Redbourn - "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
  13. Bert Jansch - "The Waggoner's Lad"
  14. John Fahey - "Dance Of The Inhabitants..."
  15. Santo & Johnny - "Summertime"
  16. The Yardbirds - "Knowing That I'm Losing You"
  17. Small Faces - "You Need Loving"
  18. Howlin' Wolf - "Killing Floor"
  19. Spirit - "Fresh Garbage"
  20. Muddy Waters - "You Need Love"
  21. Ritchie Valens - "Ooh! My Head"
  22. Little Richard - "Long Tall Sally"
  23. Garnet Mimms - "As Long As I Have You"
  24. Bobby Parker - "Watch Your Step"
  25. Joan Baez - "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
Get your hands on a boatload of Zeppelin bootlegs right here.


Anonymous said...

nice post--don't know of to many folks that don't like Led Zepplin--also very good research