Monday, December 03, 2007

The Warlocks

I like to get turned on to a lot of this stuff that is being labeled as "neo-psychedelia." That's really just a hip way to describe psychedelic rock that's still being created today which takes its cue from the psychedelic rock explosion of the 60's. The list includes bands like the Black Angels, and Brightblack Morning Light, and another one that I've been listening to is a band from L.A. called The Warlocks. The six (or seven) piece band is fronted by an interesting character whose resume includes an early introduction to rock music via his family-owned radio station and some quality time spent with the legendary Timothy Leary.

The band has a handful of releases to their name, including a great new record called Heavy Deavy Skull Lover that I can't seem to stop listening to. It's all fuzzed-out psychedelic rock with expansive songs like the three-movement epic "Moving Mountains," and the whole thing is covered with feedback and reverb-heavy guitar. Plus, the album cover is pretty cool. I don't know exactly what's going on, a sexy varmint duel or something, but I like it. I found a couple of paragraphs at Three Imaginary Girls that I feel sum up Heavy Deavy Skull Lover perfectly:
"The songs on this album take their glorious time getting going, such as the full two-minutes of droning guitar passages that precede the full band on the song "Slip Beneath" or the shuddering epic "Moving Mountains," which goes from a thinly plucked acoustic guitar line to full-fledged sonic assault in just under 11 minutes.

In a sense, it's an album that kicks against every modern day musical ideal that has shackled how artists choose to express themselves nowadays. This is not a record that fits into the schema of an iPod shuffle, or a ringtone or meant to be heard for 45 seconds on a friend's MySpace page. It's organic music that grows with a methodical brilliance, building landscapes of sound that will take your breath away if you are willing to slow down and allow it to do so."
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