Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm feeling a bit lost today. It's almost like the two sides of my brain are fighting against each other. Most of the time my Mondays are slow and casual, but this one has been weird and oddly hectic. I feel disoriented. Maybe if I push some noise between both ears at high volume I can force the two sides of my brain to work in unison. I am compelled to put on the debut album from Aliens, a local guitar/drum duo. I have had it for weeks but haven't gotten all the way through it yet. Perhaps they can show me how to relieve this overwhelming sense of disequilibrium. They are Aliens, after all.

I put their record on, and it is loud. Loud is good on a day like this. Louder. It sounds angry, yet rational. It sounds desperate, yet focused. It is direct, with no frills. It is raw and gritty. It borders on being fierce, like the soundtrack to a fistfight between friends. It is exactly what I needed today, a kick in the ass. As soon as it stops, I begin dazing off again. Better start it over from the beginning.

The album, titled Head First and released in November 2007, represents the culmination of more than a year of recording and mixing that started at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis. Previous single releases were recorded live at CBGB not long before its unfortunate demise. Aliens is Blake Sandberg on guitar/vocals, a New York City transplant who performs with alternating drummers and began using the name Aliens after his experience with the destruction and aftermath of 9/11.

With ferocious guitar playing and thunderous drumming, Aliens create a powerful, full-on sound. The music reflects a social consciousness, influenced by the current state of war, global warming, mass media and pop culture. Soundcheck Magazine said "they might just be single-handedly bringing something gritty back to our local music scene that we’ve been sorely missing. Any time a two-person band manages such a noisy sound, the band needs to be watched and possibly reckoned with."
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Anonymous said...

Are these guys from here? Why don't we hear more about them? Why don't they get played on the radio? Sounds really good! Hunt Sales is on that record!