Friday, January 25, 2008

The Black Angels

While doing a little looking around the internet today for some Black Angels info, I came across the most minimal, stripped-down set that I have ever heard from them. They sat down and recorded this brief set for last year while they were doing a tour with the Black Keys. Instead of the usual droning, reverb-heavy guitar that you would expect from their live performance, this one is acoustic and and totally chilled-out. They play Empire, Better Off Alone, and the hidden track from Passover, which are followed by a tune called My Boat Is Sinking and a short interview. It's a pretty cool listen.
Here's a b-side from "The First Vietnam War" single release

In more recent Black Angels news, they have completed their new album titled Directions to See a Ghost, which will be released in April via Light In The Attic Records. I got a chance to listen to it the other day, and I think that all of you Black Angels fans out there are going to be happy as a gopher in soft dirt when you hear it. There are 11 expansive tracks in which they perfect their signature drone, and I swear that I can hear some electric jug in there somewhere. Don't quote me on that one though, I have probably just been listening to too much 13th Floor Elevators.


Pippilou14 said...

Was tuned into these guys by my friend Eric Alper and I am now a Fan. Well at least you have one in Canada across from Detroit. I look forward to the release in april...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I always wondered what that hidden track is called.