Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dan Deacon Returns

Dan Deacon will be back in Austin doing his thing on the inside stage at Emo's this Saturday, at the same spot where last year he provided one of the wackiest good times I've ever seen in this town, and that's saying a lot. This time around his set will follow a screening of his collaborative DVD called Ultimate Reality, which will be accompanied by live music from Deacon and fellow Wham City-er Jimmy Joe Roche, as well as drummers Kevin O'Meare of Videohippos and Jeremy Hyman of Ponytail. Following another 16-or so concert dates in North America this tour will move on to Australia, with some possible stops in Japan and Europe. Not too bad for an abstract music maker from Baltimore with a Looney Tunes obsession and a pair of broken glasses.

You can score some free tickets for Dan's gig at Emo's from Party Ends by shooting an email over to PartyEnds@Gmail.com with your favorite thing about Dan Deacon, and from Switchburn by signing up for their newsletter for weekly giveaways. Check out some of their video footage while you're there, they've got all kinds of good stuff.