Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Death Set

I told you about The Death Set last summer. I told you that they were the antithesis of boring, and I wasn't kidding. In the wrong hands, the music these dudes create could easily cause physical injury. The drum-box driven electro-punksters are currently in the midst of a huge tour that will touch down all over Europe, and when SXSW rolls around they will be right here in Austin to supply us all with a big sweaty dance party. Be prepared.

Up until now the Sydney-to-Baltimore transplants have strictly released EPs and 7-inches, but the big news is that they will soon release their first full-length album. Titled Worldwide, the album will be released in the U.S. on April 22 via Counter Records, the new imprint from Ninja Tune. Preceding the full-length release will be a digital release of the "MFDS" single on February 26th, and the "Around The World" 7-inch in March.

Take a few minutes to get your heart rate up and familiarize yourself with The Death Set. There's the fist-pumping anthem "Negative Thinking", a full-on headbanging remix of "Intermission", an album cut from Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods, and the super fun "Negative Thinking" video. Check it out.
Good literature:
"To, the tangible souvenir of the Death Set’s globetrotting birth, is a breathless 13-minute punk romp, equal parts eardrum-grinding abrasion, lo-fi drum-machine beats, and wheedling guitar lines that bounce along like happy puppies. Standout track “Negative Thinking” is a fist-pumping anthem about the dangers of getting down on yourself, with the unforgettable chorus, “In hindsight, I don’t want to be like the people I’ve liked.” The Death Set sound is undeniably punk. But there’s a tongue-in-cheek cheerfulness to the pair’s sneering dual lead vocals and an underlying message of defiant self-reliance." -City Paper

"The songs aren’t written with us all jamming out together; it’ll be one person writing the song and then we all go about doing the production behind it, or it’ll be me sitting on my computer fucking around with a bunch of synths and samplers, and thinking ‘that’s cool; maybe I should write a song around that’. And then it’s built up from there using the standard things: pro tools, soft synthesisers, samplers, pots and pans – whatever the fuck we’ve got lying around, or that we can borrow…" -Fact Magazine Interview
Tour Dates For The Death Set:
  • 02-01 La Spezia, Italy - Skalettar Rock Club
  • 02-02 Capri, Italy - Kattatoio
  • 02-04 Nürnberg, Germany - K4
  • 02-05 Munich, Germany - Café Kult
  • 02-06 Freiberg, Germany - KTS
  • 02-07 Saint-Étienne, France - L'assommoir
  • 02-08 Paris, France - La Miroiterie
  • 02-09 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
  • 02-11 Brighton, England - Water Margin
  • 02-12 Manchester, England - Bad Uncle
  • 02-13 Leeds, England - Brudenell Social Club
  • 02-14 Northampton, England - TBA
  • 02-15 London, England - Bardens Boudoir
  • 02-15 London, England - Ninja Tune Club Night @ Electrowerkz
  • 02-16 Nottingham, England - Liars Club
  • 02-18 Bremen, Germany - Schlachthof
  • 02-19 Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
  • 02-20 Cologne, Germany - Sonic Ballroom
  • 02-21 Göttingen, Germany - Theaterkeller
  • 02-22 Potsdam, Germany - Blackfleg
  • 03-06 Raleigh, NC - Downtown Events Center
  • 03-07 Athens, GA - Secret Squirrel
  • 03-08 Atlanta, GA - The Earl
  • 03-09 Pensacola, FL - Sluggos
  • 03-10 New Orleans, LA - Dragon's Den
  • 03-11 Houston, TX - Boondocks
  • 03-12-15 Austin, TX - SXSW
  • 03-16 Little Rock, AR - Happy Fucker's House
  • 03-17 Nashville, TN - Exit/In
  • 03-18 Lexington, KY - Skateshop
  • 03-19 Greenville, NC - Spazzatorium