Thursday, January 03, 2008

More of The Misunderstood

I told you about The Misunderstood exactly one month ago, and I can't seem to get away from this stuff. I love garage rock, love psych, love stuff that's been forgotten about or underexposed, and I love countless albums from the 60's. It's no surprise that I found this one from The Misunderstood and wrapped my ears all the way around it. Labeled Before The Dream Faded, this album collects together the six tracks they recorded after transplanting to London from San Fran (a recommendation made by John Peel), plus another set of rare tracks pulled from demos and acetates. It's a cool piece of lost music history that sounds fantastic at high volume.

A bit of info I found here: "Recorded in late 1966, the six songs on side one show the group at the peak of their power, with striking instrumental innovations and interplay which anticipate Jimi Hendrix and the Pink Floyd months before either had recorded. The Misunderstood's Glen Ross Campbell transformed the pedal steel guitar into a bucking, snarling monster of distortion, feedback and whine. He is one of the best unheralded rock guitarists; his playing suggests the missing link between the Yardbirds and Hendrix. A couple of the earlier cuts are not too much above the run-of-the-mill white blues of the time, but in all its gradual progress from garage rock to full-blown trippiness and hippydippiness, this shows consistent high energy. All I can say is, far out."
Listen: (fully)