Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Ghostland Observatory

Hot off the presses, here's one from the new Ghostland Observatory album Robotique Majestique. The album will be released on March 4th via their very own Trashy Moped Records, and the CD Release Party will be going down at the Austin Music Hall on Friday, February 29th. This performance will be the kickoff for a tour that will hit up Florida, Louisiana, New York and D.C., not to mention whatever they get themselves into during SXSW.

As everyone knows, the Ghostland Observatory live show is where all of the magic happens. You could own five copies of all of their albums, but if you never experience one of their concerts then you'll still be in the dark. If you make it to the release party next month you will get a copy of the new album upon entry, so even if you don't bring your party hat and some sweet dance moves you can still go home a winner. Tickets are pricey, but you can still get 'em here and possibly win a pair right here.

Robotique Majestique reportedly holds ten tracks including "Heavy Heart", which has been a pillar of their live show for as long as I can recall. After self-recording the album in their ever-present D.I.Y. state of mind, the duo finished mastering it with Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk, Justice), who is one of the most in-demand engineers of dance music.

Thomas Turner via Austin Sound:
"We took a lot of time with the production. It was mastered by Nilesh Patel at the Exchange in London, the same guy that did Daft Punk and Depeche Mode and tons of other electronic albums, so the sound quality is really good, a really thick, deep, and moody record. It's a little bit different from the first two records, more like one of those records you put on and listen to start to finish with your headphones on. It all flows together as opposed to just being 10 tracks. It’s got a vibe, the whole record’s a got vibe. It’s got some beat on there, but the record as a whole really sticks to a certain vibe and a certain feeling. I think it’s definitely a progression to what we’ve done this far. It feels like a good third record."
from Robotique Majestique
from delete.delete.i.eat.meat...
from the Austin City Limits DVD:

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dances with mustaches said...

I've never heard heavy heart without a bagillion people singin along at the same time, nice...