Thursday, January 24, 2008


Since Plush opened its Monday doors to bands a few years ago, it has taken its role in Austin as the breeding ground for up and coming musicians that gravitate off the beaten path. Being on Monday night tends to draw listeners who are more thirsty for fresh music, and willing to endure the morning after hangover at work for a few hours of raw and uninhibited goodness. Not to mention this is free, which brings and entirely different mindset with that type of show.

Most of the bands become regulars such as Transmography, Mrs. Glass, Bridge Farmers, Like Dogs, and Rubber Robot to name a few. In the past year or so, Plush has recruited Giant Steps Productions to book one of those Mondays each month, which has brought even more of a diverse selection of bands to the mix that were commonly playing at Red 7. In one night, you may settle into some Delta blues, rip into psychedelic rock, followed by a quirkly electronic duo, and cap it off with some frenetic what-the-fuck-just-happened this-takes-time-to-process noise.

I honestly believe that bands like Dan Deacon and Think About Life would call this place home if they lived in Austin. This is the kind of venue where bands can experiment freely without bounds, and may crash and burn. But, it's worth it, since those moments where it does work are where the audience gets to immediately see the band taking the next step with their sound. The ultimate music-lover experience in my opinion.

Here's a few of those bands I mentioned above:

A common thread amongst bands at Plush is the raw stage presence, and Bridge Farmers are a fine example of violent body thrashers with command of their audience. Oozing psychedelia and garage rock, these guys don't sound as young as the band's existence actually is. Expect much more from them in the years to come...

I was first introduced to Jordan Webster by means of another band he was/is? in called The Best Love in Town. In that, he was coupled with Blue, who is probably one of the most intriguing musicians that you never heard of in Austin. Now, running solo, his soul is even more tangible when stripped down like this.
Bryan Smith via Austin Sound:
"Armed with an acoustic dobro and a voice that transcends his twenty-two years of age by may a decade, Jordan Webster resurrects songs from the Mississippi Delta on his self-titled debut, and although borrowed, this young man from NOLA by way of Iowa does the sound right. The result blows like a fresh autumn breeze into the bluesy soul of the Capital City."

Here's what Mr. Curiosity himself had to say about Transmography back in October...


The next time you're walking around aimless in your apartment on a Monday night, just do yourself a favor and head to Plush. It's guaranteed entertainment.

If you don't live in Austin, but are coming in for SXSW, be sure and catch a daytime version of this on Wednesday during their "anti-sxsw" party.

Also, if you're into underground house/drum 'n bass/hiphop/funk/electro, check out the rest of the week, including DJ Bizz on Friday (where the hell has this guy been for the past five years?!? anyone?)


Anonymous said...

ROO -never the more is true then what you blew about plush and the land of new shit.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Hey everyone, please welcome a new contributor to Covert Curiosity. He goes by Tasteless, which you will find to be a 100% accurate misnomer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, big ups to John, Brian and the crew at Plush for not re-hashing the musical formula that's available a stone's throw away in any direction. I have the privelege of djing there on Thursday nights (Radio On, a techno/house night) and have been turned on to some awesome tunes on Mondays, namely the Best Love in Town & Transmography, some stuff I'd never have been exposed to otherwise. -DJ Supafly