Wednesday, January 09, 2008

See Holy Fuck at Emo's

Aww yeah son, Holy Fuck are coming back to town. These dudes kicked ass at SXSW last year and I've been eagerly awaiting their return ever since. They're going to be performing on the outside stage at Emo's, opening up for Super Furry Animals, another really good band. I used to listen to their album Love Craft all the time. But that's really just fluff for me, as I've probably mentioned Holy Fuck on this site more than any other band I can think of.

If this is all news to you, read a couple of those previous mentions here and here.

And, because they're always in a giving mood, Do512 is offering up some free tickets for the show right here. It's going down next month, February 2nd, and I'm telling you, this one is not to be missed. They don't get asked to perform at places like Glastonbury and Vegoose for nothin'.

You can have a peek at the rest of the Holy Fuck tour schedule at myspace, and check out the video for their song "Milk Shake" below:


Anonymous said...

Tickets bought. Can't wait!

the war against sleep said...

Do you soul a favor and go see this band, if your a drummer or bass player it's your wet dream. I had the good luck of of being exposed to them two years ago at sxsw at cream vintage they played before islands. I must confess what I saw would push me in a new music direction for the years to come. I needed new inspiration and got it that day. Because of holy fuck pushing original boundaries and exploring new fabrics of music I am a better drummer for just listening to the best ass shaking band since hairy apes bmx . Plus they have lots of music toys that will keep you guessing, until you ask the dude what was that...and thank you for using it!!!!