Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweden's The LK

from The Kora Records:
"The LK is the collaboration between Lindefelt, an abstract sound artist, and Fredrik, a pop visionary and songwriter par excellence. Fusing musique concrète-style collages of sound with iconic pop arrangements, the typical LK song is both gradually mind-invading and comfortingly direct. Recorded with a minimum of equipment, Vs. the Snow was built largely by gluing pieces of Lindefelt's abstract sounds, lyrics and voice to Fredrik's simple, beautiful melodies and chords. The resulting tracks make for a crisp, fuzzy, stylish, melancholy noise-pop cocktail with a human warmth and dark sense of humor."
I have a feeling that a whole bunch of people are going to be saying good things about The LK in the months to come. The 11 track U.S. reissue of their debut album Vs. the Snow will be released by The Kora Records on March 4th, the band will launch a three week tour on March 8th including stops at the Embassy of Sweden, The Kennedy Center, and they'll be right here in Austin for SXSW.

Below are a couple of tunes from The LK to check out. Don a pair of headphones and turn the volume up a little. Gently sway back and forth, bop your head slightly, and then you've got it. Electro-pop perfection.
from Vs. the Snow
and an older one...
Get another mp3 and find out more about The LK at TKR & myspace.