Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beach House

When I a first discovered Beach House last year I couldn't get enough of it. If you are unfamiliar, Beach House is Alex Scally (guitar/keyboards) and Victoria Legrand (vocals/keyboards), a dream-pop duo from Baltimore. They have a new album out called Devotion that has been getting a lot of love, featuring ambient drum beats, mellow instrumentation, and of course Legrand's siren-esque female lead.
Baltimore Sun said:
"In a pop world where vocals and instrumentation are commonly filtered through various computer programs that virtually erase human presence from music, Scally and Legrand adhere to an organic approach that achieves much with less. The songs, created on keyboards and guitar, drift on waves of reverberating synths, echoey programmed beats and chiming, metallic noises. Legrand's airy, sensual vocals float through the mix."
Legrand was classically trained in piano from the age of 7, began formally training her voice at the age of 14, and started writing her own songs at the age of 18. Plus, she's cute as a button. When they're not making music Alex slings a hammer as a carpenter and Victoria slings booze as a bartender. I saw them perform a couple of times last year and they really couldn't be a more likable duo. They will be back in Austin tomorrow night at Emo's, doing their thing in the lounge with Papercuts and Brother Will. If you're not busy, check it out.