Friday, February 15, 2008

Black Keys Peel Sessions

While we wait to hear more of the Danger Mouse-produced Black Keys album, here is a handful of tracks that in the dudes from Akron recorded for a Peel Session in 2003. So far I've only heard one song ("Strange Times") from Attack & Release (out April 1st), and the jury is still out. But when I look at the tracklist I see that one of the best Black Keys songs I have ever heard will be on the album.

The last time I saw the Black Keys live they played a song called "I Got Mine", which stuck in my head immediately and had me looking high and low in search of a recorded version. Someone did us all a favor by videotaping the band performing the song at Lollapalooza, which you can check out down below. The Black Keys will be playing at few shows at SXSW, including Friday, March 14 at La Zona Rosa.
  • Attack & Release:
  1. All You Ever Wanted
  2. I Got Mine
  3. Strange Times
  4. Psychotic Girl
  5. Lies
  6. 'Remember When (Side A)
  7. Remember When (Side B)
  8. Same Old Thing
  9. So He Won't Break
  10. Oceans & Streams
  11. Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
"I think Dan and I were intrigued to work with somebody as a producer, because we both realized we couldn't teach ourselves anything more and it was best to start learning from other people."

Black Keys Peel Session - July 31, 2003