Friday, February 22, 2008

Black Lips Tomorrow Night

Black Lips are bringing their fun-filled garage punk show back to Austin on Saturday night. While they previously made a reputation for overt debauchery and onstage antics, the worst I've seen them do in their last two visits to the 512 was a well-executed dropkick to the guitarist's face on behalf of the bassist. I still wouldn't necessarily recommend that you bring the kiddos or anything, but at least the Black Lips' bodily fluids are more contained these days. The task of warming up the stage will fall on White Denim and The Strange Boys, the former soon to embark on a coast-to-coast tour with Tapes n' Tapes, and the latter reportedly scheduled to enter the studio with Jay Reatard. I'd say that's worth about 10 bucks tomorrow night on the Emo's outside stage, wouldn't you?
"Atlanta garage rockers The Black Lips are no strangers to praise. Last year's Good Bad Not Evil was a fairly well-regarded release in critics' circles, only helping add stock to this fuzzed-up retro act's reputation as one of the best and craziest live shows currently touring the States." -Dallas Observer

"Seconds in, we were swaying and stomping every which way, getting plenty covered by beers sloshing from multiple hands at once. It wasn't much a show for friendly indie kids, helping each other up and apologizing for space constraints; no, we shoved, we elbowed, we watched loads of kids steal a moment on stage before fighting off security." -Choir Croaks

"Good Bad Not Evil, however, is the record where naysayers, disinterested friends and acquaintances, and anyone else within earshot has to sit up, shut up, and listen." -Pitchfork

"The fans recognize the true beauty of a Black Lips show is the music. And the band played an extended 90-minute set on Saturday that didn’t disappoint. The Atlanta quartet played the Bluebird with endless energy, owning each song." -Denver Post

"What we saw last night was a super-fun, supercharged, tightly executed performance with a crowd rowdier than the band. Echo effects, psychedelic sitar-like sounds, surf guitar, doo-wop, garage rock, 60’s pop… One could go on, but why not see them for yourself." -Wired


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