Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles. You should go ahead and get accostomed to the fact that you'll be seeing more of that name, and it has nothing to do with Atari. Crystal Castles is multi-instrumentalist Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass, an electronic music duo out of Toronto who have been gaining attention since a recording of the two practicing in the studio was posted on their MySpace page in 2005.

The duo have really taken their craft to the next level with their self-titled debut album, which is out in March via Last Gang Records. Instead of the constant 8-bit freakouts that highlighted their previous 7'' releases, with the full-length album Crystal Castles have pushed their sound forward with impressive structure and melody that will no doubt make them more accessible to new listeners. In other words, if you want to check them out at SXSW you'd better show up early. I tried to catch one of their performances at the festival last year, and even after a long wait in line I found myself on the outside looking in.
"Remember the end of Matrix: Revolutions where Keanu Reeves' body is carted off into a mechanized dystopia? Crystal Castles' music is the sound of that world, from "Love And Caring"'s deathmatch between aging videogame consoles -- Ladytron should be officially envious -- to the ethereal beauty of "Tell Me What to Swallow," which is pretty much a fan love letter to the Cocteau Twins. The band refutes stories that part of its sound comes from wiring a chip from an Atari 5200 into a synthesizer, but listening to their creations it's no wonder such myths keep spreading. As cold and robotic as songs like "Vanished" sound at first, repeated listens reveal an organic pulse underneath the wires and electrons, thanks in no small part to Glass' vocals that retain their human touch even after heavy effects processing."
It is always exciting to find an act that is doing innovative things and making music that is uniquely their own. Listen to a few minutes of the new album to hear what I'm talking about...
Last Gang Records is now offering a limited edition pre-sale of the album with the original cover art that was banned in USA and Canada. The first 100 shipped will receive a free Last Gang Records electro sampler featuring new music from Crystal Castles, Boys Noize, Chromeo, MSTRKRFT and Tiga. Check out that deal right here, and get more Crystal Castles here.


Tom OMG said...

WOW. Good Time is really good.

Utahpolis said...

Extra nice! Thank you!

thenaughtychair said...

ahh these guys are awesome. you're totally right, they're gonna be around more and more. can't wait til southby!!!!

eleKtrofly said...

i am so enamored of this band
<3 ::swooning:: <3
can't ...stop ...listening