Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Haunting Oboe Music

I got my first real taste of the local 6-piece experimental rock band Haunting Oboe Music at the big Do512 Halloween bash last October. The band is fairly new to the scene here, having spent only about two years together, and up until recently having just one EP under their belt.

Haunting Oboe Music has an incredibly ambitious plan for 2008, where they aim to release an EP per month that will highlight their live intensity while also capturing the electronic and adventurous side of the six members. The band utilizes a unique combination of a dual drummer assault, trumpets, synthesizers, and back beats mixed with always-improvised fills, which they use to create strange, yet remarkably catchy songs.

Try on one of the tracks from the first Haunting Oboe Music EP of 2008. "Slavery in Space" starts out with a dark, pounding beat that is surrounded by some intense guitar work and eerie vocal repetition. Before the song can progress into full attack mode, there's an impressive breakdown near the end to calm things down and provide a harmonious finale. If these six guys can continue to match this creative output for each EP they plan to release this year, watch out.
AS: 12 EPs in 12 months is an ambitious undertaking. Do y'all have a particular strategy for accomplishing it, or is it something that's developing as you go along?

HOM: "We are kind of creating a system of recording, then trading mix-downs from separate computers and then democratically sorting through the differences... and then recording some more. I think the process will gain a certain rhythm and become more streamlined as we progress through the year. The beauty of this project is that it creates so much room for spontaneity. If we were just creating one EP or LP, we would be more inclined to record songs that fall within a certain spectrum. The enormity of this year-long undertaking allows us to really stretch our concept of the band. If a song seems too out there or doesn't fit with the current EP, we can just save it, wait and see if it is meant to go with another month's set of songs."
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Haunting Oboe Music are playing Emo's on Friday with Ume, and Switchburn will be filming one of their upcoming gigs so I just might have some video for you soon. Check out a recent article on Haunting Oboe Music at Crunkbox, and get more at myspace.